A Quick and Easy Method for Memorising Formulae

 There is so much to learn and so much to commit to memory at GCSE.

If you are feeling overwhelmed and wondering how you are going to remember everything, its completely understandable.

Pure memorisation is really repeatedly reading something until it just sticks in your head.

Here’s the process I used to remember everything – including my entire German Oral test which got me an A grade.

As you are studying or revising, keep a piece of paper nearby, the larger the better, ideally A4 or A3 size.

As you come across a formula that you need to remember, write it down on this piece of paper.

You can write it large, use colour if you want to and add diagrams and examples. Do whatever you like and add anything that will help you to memorise it and remind you how to use the formula too.

Now think of an activity that you do regularly throughout the day. E.g. eating, using the bathroom, reading, praying etc.

Every time you do that activity you have to read through your sheet 10 times.

So, let’s say everytime you come out of the bathroom, you find your sheet and read through it 10 times.

You’ve got to make the commitment and follow through each time. It will literally take you about 2 to3 minutes.

The key here is to be regular and consistent.

You will be pleasantly surprised by how much you know after just a couple of days of doing this.

Once or twice a week, grab a scrap piece of paper and without looking at your sheet, write down everything that you can remember or get someone to test you by reading it out loud without looking.

This will give your memorisation a boost.

Keep doing this up until your exam.

Hope that helps! As always drop me a message or comment below if you have any tips for memorising or need some help. 

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