KS2 Maths Year 4 Targeted Question Book


A fun, illustrated book for year 4 maths students.


Are you looking for something for early primary school Maths?

If so, this book is a great start to getting some extra practice.

With illustrated pages and lots of maths questions, it’s a nice way to encourage your little one to start studying and get excited about maths.

“This book is a brilliant source of test-style practice questions for Year 4 Maths pupils — all perfectly matched to the latest curriculum! There are questions for each topic, with space on each page for pupils to write their answers and any working out, plus mark schemes so that you can keep track of their progress. There are also Warm-Up Questions to get pupils started, and Greater Depth Questions to help them really master a topic.”

  • Key Stage:KS2
  • Subject:Maths
  • Years Covered:4
  • Media:Book
  • Colour:Two Colour
  • Publication Date:2021
  • No of Pages:96


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